Content Marketing 101: Create an Online Giveaway That Actually Matters

Internet giveaways are a crucial piece of the content marketing puzzle and just about every web publisher has used them at one point or another. That said, the fact of the matter is that most prize packages offered online simply aren’t that great.

That’s unfortunate because contests and giveaways are a great vehicle for harvesting new leads and research backs that point up. A recent study from Kontest suggests that 34 percent of all contest entrants are willing to receive more information from the contest promoter. A 33 percent conversion rate like this is nothing to sneeze at.

So how can publishers make the most of giveaway?

For starters, giveaways should be part of a cohesive content marketing strategy. Giving away expensive, or even cheap, items without an end goal in mind is like throwing money in the trash. Your goal can be as simple as, acquiring new readers or boosting engagement, but you really need to have one.

Online promoters should also keep in mind that the prize should be something that’s relevant to their particular audience. Fitbits and iPads are great prizes for a general audience, but wouldn’t something like an Airbnb stay in Las Vegas or a credit at a casino be more up your audiences’ alley?

Finally, content marketing guru Neil Patel recommends only making your readers jump through hoops that are appropriate to the level of prize they’re chasing. A 100-question survey doesn’t square with a free e-book, but it can certainly be justified for a vacation or other large prize.

The bottom line with giveaways is the same as it is for all content marketing, think it through. Would you participate in your own giveaway if someone else was offering it? If not, you need to re-examine your giveaway strategy.