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Channel 4 Racing to Broadcast Pre-Race Odds

November 21, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — In the U.K., Channel 4 Racing is looking for a partner in its plan to launch a 60-second live television ad updating viewers with the most recent odds before the start of major horse races.
The television network is apparently in discussions with several major British gambling groups and advertising agencies prior to deciding on the best odds provider for the broadcasts.
Mike Parker, the Channel 4 exec spearheading the venture, told Media Week: "The interest level has been high as this is a sector where clients are looking for big points of differentiation and to promote their service as the best provider of live odds. This opportunity would give them just that."
The introduction of the new ad — a first for Channel 4 — is being readied for screening early 2009 and the broadcaster is looking for one partner over a six to 12-month period. The plan is to take the minutage out of the existing ad break.