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Cereus Updated

December 14, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Tokwiro Enterprises' new online poker network, Cereus, has announced a series of new features and tweaks that will be immediately available to players on both the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet websites that form the core of the network. The new features, which a Cereus spokesman said have been introduced in response to feedback generated from the online poker community, include:

* Game Speed Increase – The speed of the game, including the dealing of the hand and the final hand result, has been significantly boosted.
* Buddy Max Limit – The previous cap of 500 players on both UltimateBuddy and Absolute Buddy has been quadrupled to 2,000.
* Heads Up Kick Off Limit – A new 5-minute rule has been applied to the 'Sit Out' function of heads-up matches (ring games only) to provide a more enjoyable experience for poker fans.
* Disable Enter to Bet – Players can now disable the 'Enter to Bet' function to avoid accidentally betting while switching between programs.
* Remember Login – If a player successfully logs in but does not use the 'Remember Password' feature, the software will automatically remember the last successful login name.
* Disable Blackjack on Table – Players will now be able to disable blackjack from individual tables instead of just disabling it globally.

The tweaks arrive just three weeks after the Cereus launch on November 25th, when a wide range of new features were added to the AP and UB offering, including new table views; downloadable table skins; the ability to create private tournaments; final table deal making; a rabbit cam; a timebank; avatars and personalization tools.