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CAP’s Most Successful Email Open Rates

If you’re not subscribed to our email newsletters, you should be. We’ve sent out some really juicy, news-breaking and downright controversial emails in the last 18 months in an effort to deliver our blog content directly to your inbox.

We wanted to check out some of the top open rates, based on our creative and salacious subject lines, to get some insight into the sort of content you guys love to learn more about Here’s what we found.

Subject line: Enough with the Bulls**t! Rogue iGaming Operators, Part 2

You guys love the juicy stuff- there’s no denying that. When we deliver such controversial content, especially love ’em or hate ’em type stuff, it’s always sure to stir up a conversation– and some great open rates. When we delivered our second round of worst rogue iGaming affiliate programs, open rates for this email definitely spiked.

Subject line: Insider Info: Tim Ash Discloses iGaming Site Conversion Tips

What do you get when you put famed conversion guru “Tim Ash,” “disclose” and “conversion tips” into sentence? Pretty good open rates. When we hosted a webinar last February with Tim and promoted it via email, you guys definitely tuned in.

Subject line: BREAKING NEWS: Full Tilt Poker CEO Ray Bitar Surrenders

You guys sure do love your breaking news! In July 2012, when controversial Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar surrendered, you wanted to know allllll about it. Specifically, were you going to get your money back from them too? Sadly, you’re still waiting for affiliate payments, but Bitar has since struck a plea deal.

Subject line: Watch Out Panda… March of the Google Penguin Is On!

When Google released its latest algorithm, Penguin, in April 2012, it was a really big effing deal. Although we didn’t exactly know it at the time, Penguin penalized sites that were “guilty” of keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicate content  and overall “over optimization.” Like us, you wanted to know how it was going to effect your sites.

Subject line: Exclusive: US License Granted, First Approved Affiliate Tells All

All eyes are on US regulation, and when the first affiliate, Jon Friedberg, was approved with a license late last summer, you wanted to hear all about it. CAP scored an exclusive interview with Jon and learned alllll about what he had to go through to obtain the license.

Subject line: BREAKING: PokerStars Settlement Complete, US DOJ Approved

The Department of Justice had been hanging onto $66 million in funds that it received from its settlement with PokerStars in the Black Friday case, and you definitely wanted to know where that $66 million was being holed up. Still waiting for an answer, huh?

Subject line: BREAKING NEWS: Calvin Ayre Indicted & Bodog Domain Seized

Love him or hate him, Calvin Ayre always makes big news. When he was indicted last year by the US government and the Bodog domain was seized, it made for some salacious gossip. Don’t expect to see Ayre in the US anytime soon– or ever. He’ll just continue to flaunt his billionaire bad boy ways in other countries. Read more about Calvin Ayre’s indictment.

Subject line: OOPS… Google Did It Again! Panda 3.6 & PageRank Update Details

Update 3.6… really? Does Google ever cut us a break? Like every Google algo update, you were curious about Panda 3.6 and how it was going to help, hurt or hinder your sites’ ability to climb the search engines. It was never really clear what went down with this update. Oh, Google…

Subject line: OMG… WTF? Top 10 SEO Revelations Ever

Top 10s always get the CAP audience going… Combine that with SEO information and you guys do ballistic. In this email, we directed you to our article, where we revealed the top SEO revelations of all time.

Subject line: C-Planet Goes Rogue: De-tagging Players & Getting Caught

When affiliate programs go rogue and do shady sh*t, it’s a verrrrry touchy subject— for obvious reasons! Someone messes with your players AND money… watch out. When C-Planet started de-tagging players, you wanted to read all about it.