Once a respected casino affiliate program, C-Planet appears to have officially gone rogue after a report from Casinomeister accuses the program of detagging players from affiliate accounts.

C-Planet runs its own independent affiliate program covering brands like Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red, and Pure Vegas. C-Planet is now being accused of shady practices that should bring affiliates pause in working with them.

From April 2008 through June 2010, more than 1,000 players deposited at Rushmore Casino through Casinomeister’s affiliate links. Now their earnings have flat-lined to nothing. Initially, Casinomeister assumed this was because people had quit playing there. However, when a C-Planet representative started a forum thread at Casinomeister which prompted many players to respond indicating they still had active accounts with Rushmore, Casinomeister became suspicious.

Casinomeister made inquiries with forum members to determine that at least a few of them had active accounts at Rushmore creating through a Casinomeister affiliate link. It appears that C-Planet has been detagging players from Casinomeister. The site’s efforts to reach C-Planet management to discuss the matter have gone ignored.

This incident is more cement poured on top of C-Planet’s place in the rogue pit.

In May, CAP forum member “GamblersHeaven” shared word from C-Planet that his affiliate commission had been lowered from 40% to 25%. “GamblersHeaven” stated that despite things having been slow, C-Planet was the only affiliate program to drop commissions. CAP forum member “Lenny” responded indicating he received the same news from C-Planet.

In December, “kgbcasinos” started a thread to warn affiliates about C-Planet’s payments. After inquiring when exactly he could expect to receive his already-late affiliate payment, “kgbcasinos” received the following response from C-Planet:

In a perfect world affs would get paid on the first of the month, unfortunately things don’t always turn out the way you plan them. We are working to get payments out soon – and I’m not sure of an exact date for payment either.

It’s unfortunate that C-Planet has gone to the wayside. As recently as November 2009, CAP forum members were reporting their casinos to convert better than any others and that affiliate payments were processed promptly. Since that time, the outfit has gradually lost its favor among affiliates and has now been rogued by Casinomeister– and CAP.

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