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Brexit Exit Continues: William Hill Opening Malta Office

UK gaming giant William Hill is currently working on plans to open up a “satellite” office on the island of Malta. It’s a move that’s fueled by the uncertainty brought on by the UK’s plan to exit the European Union, known as “Brexit”, according to
As it stands today, the Maltese office is quite small and isn’t expected to have a big impact on the company’s day-to-day operations, especially those on the British controlled island of Gibraltar. But like the fortress of Gibraltar itself, the Maltese could turn into a stalwart for William Hill, especially if operating in the post-Brexit economic environment proves to be a drain on company revenues.
While company officials were quick to point out that their primary customer base is in the UK, and will likely remain that way, they’re hedging their bets with the Maltese office. “However, Malta provides an option for international operations should they be required after Brexit so an exploratory project team is being recruited with regulatory, legal and compliance roles,” one company spokesperson said.
William Hill is not, however, the only UK operator with eyes on a post-Brexit future involving the tiny, but gambling-friendly, island of Malta. Earlier this year Bet365, another massive UK operator, has plans to open a relatively Maltese office of its own. The company has confirmed that it plans to move at least some of its operations there full-time, once the Brexit takes hold.
As it stands today, William Hill’s Maltese office will consist of a relatively small staff, but all that could change in a heartbeat if life after Brexit proves to be too much for the company to handle.