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Bodog Casino Sets World Record with One Billionth Blackjack Hand

It’s official: The Bodog casino has become the first online casino to deal its billionth hand of online blackjack, “a world first for online casinos,” per Bodog reps.

The milestone is a key step in Bodog’s online gambling dominance. “As one of the first brands to offer online gaming, Bodog Casino’s sheer longevity has meant this milestone is far ahead of any company in the industry,” the company stated in a news release.

On Friday, March 4th, at 19:17:23GMT, a lucky player became the billionth blackjack gamer at the Bodog site, and “now has a big choice to make: which billionaire’s experience to pick, a holiday to Fiji’s exclusive Turtle Island or a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix complete with trackside hospitality on a private boat.”

“There are several gaming sites who have dealt a billion poker hands, Bodog included, but to have dealt a billion blackjack hands is a very special milestone for the Bodog brand,” Mark Leighton,’s Casino Manager, added in the release. “But most importantly it’s thanks to the loyalty of our players that we have got this far and that cannot be stated enough.”

The affiliate advantage
So how can affiliates use this news to their advantage? This milestone underlines Bodog’s longevity and reliability — two big factors in enticing site visitors to click on an ad. Bodog already scores a very high media presence, and the fact that this well-known brand is now a record-setting company should help affiliates encourage their visitors to convert.

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