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Better Data-Mining with New Gaming Platform

October 1, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Betting and gaming systems provider LVS has partnered with the SAS business intelligence and analytics firm in the U.K. to launch an enhanced Enterprise Gaming Platform, which the partnership boasts is a unique customer-centric gaming platform aimed at international betting and gaming operators.

The new offering combines SAS's Customer Intelligence and Marketing Automation software with the LVS Gaming Platform, enabling betting and gaming operators to "become more efficient, analyze customer information in greater depth, and gain a better understanding of customer behaviour, preferences and betting patterns."

It offers operators an analytical approach to marketing initiatives, empowering them to maximize the effectiveness of marketing communications and improve the customer experience, ultimately driving increased revenues. The enhanced platform will additionally help operators to identify and limit fraudulent activity.

Company spokesmen say that the platform is unique in providing operators with the capability to monitor customer activity in real time, examine betting patterns and manage customers in terms of marketing campaigns, development of loyalty schemes, forecasting of customer behavior, and developing compelling customer offers.

Ian Manocha, managing director of SAS UK, commented: "As the betting industry becomes increasingly competitive, it is imperative for operators to provide a more customized service to each and every one of their customers. SAS software enables operators to easily manage sophisticated, timely, and personalized intelligence-driven customer interaction, improving response rates and revenues. Together with LVS, specific betting opportunities can be finely targeted at relevant groups or individuals, based on a much more comprehensive view of the customer."

Simon Ordish, CEO of LVS, added: "International Betting and Gaming providers are under constant pressure to deliver improved services and facilities for their customers. Our partnership with SAS has resulted in a unique offering to a provider that puts their customers at the heart of our solution."