Betsson Looking at International Expansion

Magnus Silfverberg, Betsson CEO

Betsson is one of the most popular operators in the Scandinavian market and now they’re looking to expand their reach deeper into Europe and China.
Magnus Silfverberg, Betsson’s CEO spoke about the proposed expansions recently in an interview with EGR Magazine. He made it clear that, despite having a stranglehold on 85% of the Nordic market, his company will not be content to rest on its laurels saying:

I think there are lots of opportunities out there, and we are definitely working and growing in our markets as well. [The UK] and the Dutch one are markets we are looking into. We have quite a small business in the UK already, but we will definitely look into it.

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In the interview, Silfverberg said that the Italian market was proving to be a bigger challenge than originally anticipated. He was, however, optimistic that recent tweaks to Betsson’s Italian marketing campaigns would yield better results.
When it comes to cracking China, Silfverberg’s optimism is tempered with a big dose of reality. Despite plans to the contrary,  Betsson (parent of the AffiliateLounge affiliate program) hasn’t seen any headway in cracking the Chinese regulatory wall. That doesn’t mean that he’s writing off that lucrative market entirely:

The partnership we have where we provide technology solutions to the Chinese partner, if they succeed in becoming one of the biggest lottery and betting brands in China in the future – which is their ambition – then it will become a very big part of our business for sure.

If Betsson’s expansion efforts take off, the company could become a major player in the worldwide casino affiliate market.