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BetMGM makes move on Puerto Rican sports betting market

BetMGM is making a move to grab valuable regulated sports betting market share in Puerto Rico as it teams with Casino Del Mar at La Concha Resort for its first partnership outside the Continental United States. The proposed new operation, which is subject to regulatory approval, will include both retail and mobile sports betting operations. It’s a big move that will likely be copied by other major American operators.

BetMGM’s move on the Puerto Rican sports betting market is significant as it marks a rare venture by a name-brand American operator into the island nation. That’s not to say that Puerto Rico doesn’t have its own, dynamic gaming industry – it’s just one that’s been overlooked. Boosters of Puerto Rican gaming are thrilled at the prospect of attracting attention from their neighbors to the north.

John Paulson, President, Paulson & Co, the owner of La Concha Resort spoke for many in the business saying, “Paulson & Co is always in search of innovation in services and entertainment for our properties and guests, that is why we are very excited for this agreement between Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort and BetMGM.

“Sports are part of everyday life in Puerto Rico, with a huge following and a passionate fan base in almost every sport. As such, it’s natural that we are the first market outside the continental United States in which our guests will be able to place bets with BetMGM. We are looking forward to a long and successful endeavor with BetMGM.”

In a statement reported on by The Caribbean Journal, Adam Greenblatt, CEO of BetMGM commentented on the move saying, “This marks a major milestone for BetMGM, as we share plans to bring our sports betting platform outside of the U.S. mainland for the first time. La Concha Resort is an ideal partner, and together we look forward to bringing BetMGM’s retail and mobile sports betting experiences to sports fans across Puerto Rico.”