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Betfair Has Thoughts on US Presidential Race

Is US President Joe Biden heading for a historic loss when voters head to the polls in November? That’s the very hot take taken by punters at Betfair Exchange. President Biden’s chances of staying in office supposedly plunged this week after a partisan report criticizing his cognitive abilities was released to the public by Republican Special Counsel Robert Hur. Whether that’s what’s actually going to happen remains in question, but the odds on a Biden win, betting markets, are tanking either way.

In comments reported on by, Sam Rosbottom, Betfair spokesperson and Lead Politics Analyst opined on the impact of Hur’s widely criticized report, which alleged some sort of cognitive dysfunction on Biden’s part, but offered no clinical or legal support for the claim, saying, : “Biden has been a fairly significant drifter in the Election Winner market, but this report, compounded by another memory lapse, is seeing punters viewing Trump as the safer bet with their money.”

“As things stand, punters are predicting change in the US and UK. Donald Trump is the favourite to win the Presidential election at 6/4, while Joe Biden is 11/5,” he added.

Rosbottom, whose political leanings are not known, took a decidedly partisan stance on the US election by citing a recent Biden verbal gaffe saying, “And, during his White House address last night (Thursday), Biden went on to commit another gaffe by mistakenly referring to the Egyptian leader as the President of Mexico.” Whether Rosbottom knew about multiple Trump gaffes, such as confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, is also unclear.

Political wagering is not legal in the US and Rosbottom’s comments show why that is probably a good idea.