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Best Cross-Selling Products for Casino Players

Working as an affiliate creates many opportunities to promote other products on top of your standard offering. This should result in additional revenues in your bank account.

The only problem is choosing those products wisely. Cross-selling casino players is all about relevance and promoting something that your target market can still benefit from, instead of showing them completely random stuff.

Here are some of our ideas in that department:

Slot Machines (Slots)

The idea of promoting slots is to provide something that’s still in the same type of entertainment as casino games, yet with a slightly different spin.

If any member of your audience doesn’t feel like playing casino games at the moment then there’s always a chance they’d be interested in something similar but requiring less brain work to process all the elements of the game.

You can find some slot machines programs in our directory, like this one.


For many people, bingo isn’t even considered gambling, which makes it another great opportunity to do some cross-selling.

You can promote various bingo products alongside your standard online casino offers by placing the ad banners in less visible places, like your footer widgets or so.

The idea is to not make your site 100% focused on a certain casino offer, but instead offer some visual variety.

Our directory will help you with finding the best bingo offer too.

Sports Betting

This is another whole range of entertainment products that can work well with a casino crowd. What sets sports betting apart is that it has a very general appeal. Everyone loves sports, so convincing your visitors to bet on something as a “by the way” thing shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can place a widget in your sidebar that lists some of the hottest matches with direct links to placing a bet. Don’t give such things too prominent placements though. Your main offers shouldn’t be overshadowed.

Mobile Apps

These days, mobile is THE way in which many people access the web. Various tablets and smartphones seem to have completely taken over some areas of our lives. As affiliates, we can only embrace it.

Whenever you have the chance, i.e. whenever your affiliate program has some mobile apps in their portfolio, make sure to promote them on your site.

Educational Products

Wherever there’s a certain skill or expertise involved in succeeding at something, like casino games, there’s also a lot of educational products that help people out and teach them how to find this success. Identifying such products in your niche can bring a nice stream of additional income.

This should work well when promoted through email marketing. All you have to do is mention a certain educational product that focuses directly on the type of casino offers you’re promoting in your main campaign.

To find such things, you can go to ClickBank or even Amazon. (You will always find better commission at ClickBank.)

Have you tried promoting any of the above yet?