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Belgium Blacklists 888 and Everest

belgiumThe Belgium Gaming Commission has issued an official “online poker operator blacklist.” There were multiple companies on the list, including,, and
This may not sound like a big deal, but the Belgium Gaming Commission is making sure that these companies no longer operate in the country. In the near future, the government will ask all Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to block access to the above URL’s.
These online poker services – along with several casino operators – will no longer be able to operate in Belgium.
While some companies are on their way out, others are coming into the country with a full head of steam. has proudly announced that it is one of the first sites to receive a Casino de Namur A+ license. With this license, the company will be able to operate in Belgium without any problems – unlike the providers that have been blacklisted.
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The Belgian Gaming Commission has taken a strong stance on online poker. Starting this year, only fully licensed online poker services are permitted to offer games. To ensure successful enforcement, the Commission will take whatever steps necessary to prevent unlicensed operators (see the blacklist above) from reaching Belgian players.
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