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Beef Up Your Conversions with These Dead On Call to Action Tips

Crafting an effective call to action is a skill that can take a lifetime to master, but that pays off in a steady stream of player conversions that can boost casino affiliates’ revenue streams for years to come.

After all, the call to action is that critical moment when you speak directly to your customer and ask him to do something besides just read an article…and you’ve only got about three seconds to close the deal.

Suffice to say, the CTA’s potential to bring in cash makes it a subject that’s near and dear to web merchants of all shapes and sizes.

In a recent posing on Search Engine Journal titled, 20 Ways to Write a Call to Action, writer Greg Secrist provided a guide to crafting some really effective CTAs. Here are a few pieces of his advice that are particularly relevant to casino affiliates.

  • I Need it Now! – The internet is all about instant gratification and the CTA is the perfect place to play on that desire. CTA that offer to get things moving RIGHT NOW! are some of the most effective CTAs in your arsenal.
  • Hey, That Sounds Like Me – End-users have specific problems and you offer specific solutions. That’s why situational calls to action such as, Are you tired of deposit bonuses that are impossible to earn?, can become conversion machines.
  •  Q&A – Ask and answer a question that players want to hear such as, Are you ready for an online casino that plays fair?
  • Throw Out Some Numbers – Players want to feel like they’re depositing with a winning team and nothing says, “winner,” like big numbers. Did your operators just payout a $100k win? Don’t be shy, bragging about size is perfectly normal.
  • You’re the Man – Flattery works. If your affiliate partner is targeting a more sophisticated audience, you need to tell the audience that they’re sophisticated, too.

Learning the ins and outs of writing effective calls to action is all about practice, practice, practice but when you break through, the results will be well worth the effort.