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Basketball is being very, very good to Bodog sportsbook

Bodog sportsbook is one of the internet’s oldest and most establishment bookmakers. They’ve weathered some pretty severe crises over the years but, like every gambling operator, they’re doing everything they can to stay ahead of the chaos that is 2020. Fortunately, Bodog has the NBA and MLB, in their truncated forms, to help keep the ship afloat while world gets a handle on the world situation.

According to a recent report on, approximately 34.76 percent of all the wagers placed at Bodog last weekend were for the NBA. That’s pretty amazing fact to be reporting on September 1, but here we are.

Less shocking, however, is the fact that baseball accounted for 34.35 percent of all the wagers last weekend. That number is pretty impressive when one considers the tremendous effort it’s taken to even get baseball this far this season. Multiple teams have had to cancel games due to COVID-19 breakouts.

These numbers do not reflect of last week when all NBA playoff games and multiple baseball games and soccer matches were cancelled due to a player strike/boycott. NBA players led the effort with a heartfelt refusal to take the court in the wake of the death of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The strike brought the playoffs to a grinding halt, though players and league officials came to an agreement that ended the strife. Under the arrangement, NBA venues will be used as safe polling stations during the upcoming US election.

Coming in far behind the NBA and MLB was the NHL, which is also in playoff mode. A mere 7.6 of the action at Bodog was on the NHL. And, alas, it seems as though America’s love affair with ping pong wagering has come to a close. Only 3.5 percent of Bodog wagers were on professional ping-pong over the weekend.