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Barstool Sports Voids Past-Posted NFL Bets

Barstool Sports was forced to void an unknown number of live bets on the outcome of the New York Giants and Arizona game on Sunday after it was discovered that players were allowed to live bet on odds for the final outcome of the game that were not adjusted from their opening. Sharp-eyed players were able to exploit the glitch when the Giants scored 31 second half points to beat the Cardinals 31-28.

Officials at Barstool blamed the issue on technical glitches by Swish Analytics, their primary odds provider. The issue impacted 109 players who wagered on the final outcome and another 257 players in Massachusetts. All of those players had their bets voided, regardless of how they bet. Though an unknown number of players were able to successfully cash out on the bet, they will likely have their accounts suspended until they rectify the error.

Though errors like this are not common, they’re not completely unheard of either. That’s why every state with regulated sports betting, including Colorado and Massachusetts, have regulations in place that allow operators to void such wagers. Though the Giants, Cardinals game drew the most attention, officials said the glitch impacted 10 market types and 14 market names.

SBC America reports that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) voided the bets with little fanfare or push back. That said, MGC Commissioner Nakisha Skinner said that while she approved this round of voided bets with little push back, she would likely apply more scrutiny to future, similar issues.

While the final number of players impacted by the error is around 500, only about 6 have appealed the MGC’s decision to voide the bets…so far.