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Aussie Betezy Site Signs up More NRL Teams

January 29, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Australian sports betting leader has announced new joint ventures with two NRL (National Rugby League) teams, the Cronulla Sharks and Newcastle Knights.


The venture follows the company's hugely successful, which was launched in October last year. The deals are now with the NRL for final approval, and sources report are likely to be followed by another group of high profile clubs within a week. and, should they be approved, will offer fans the full range of sports and racing with "guaranteed better odds via online 24/7 or telephone," according to a news release issued by Betezy today.

The Rugby League clubs will receive advertising based commissions based on turnover which could generate substantial revenues for the clubs. Some projections offered by Betezy estimate that the clubs will generate several million over the next few years.  

With increased state taxes on pokies and smoking bans having major impacts on Leagues clubs that have traditionally funded many football clubs, clubs are actively searching for new revenue streams. The new websites are designed to meet this need, and also offer inducements for fans to become members of their clubs by offering increased odds for members.

Betezy's General Manager Ryan Kay said, "The huge success of the venture has demonstrated that all Clubs can achieve a major income stream from sports betting. We are extremely happy to announce the launch of and Both clubs have very loyal fans, who by moving their betting turnover to their club’s betting site can help ensure the success of their club.”

Kay also stressed that maintaining the integrity of rugby league would be a major priority for all of the new ventures. "We will be continually looking at integrity issues. We will be working with the NRL and the Sporting bodies to make certain there is always integrity in the sport,'' said Kay. "One thing we are very resolute about is making sure there are never any illegal gambling activities in the sport and we will work with everyone involved to ensure this is achieved."