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Assessing the Ontario Opportunity

Assessing the Ontario opportunity

With the significant growth in sports betting across the US, it’s easy to forget that its neighbor to the north — Canada — also has considerable potential. And we might start seeing that fulfilled next year, with the country now permitting single-event sports betting.

Ontario is one market that’s especially worth keeping an eye on. And with affiliates not needing a license to target players and promote gambling brands it is an opportunity not to be missed. Below, we assess just how big the Ontario opportunity is.

What can we expect when Ontario’s market goes live next year?

After Canada opted to liberalize its sports betting market, Ontario was one of the first states to act. In August 2021, it announced that single-game sports wagering would become regulated and operators licensed.

When the market goes live, players will be able to bet on various sports — including NHL and NBA. There is already a significant amount of interest, with the likes of FanDuel making moves to prepare for making its debut in the market. It recently named Dale Hooper as General Manager for Canada.

Why Ontario is intriguing for operators:

Ontario is Canada’s largest province, with over 14 million people living within its borders. Until California chooses to legalize sports betting fully, New York is the only North American state with both commercial sports wagering and a larger population.

Another reason Ontario will appeal to sportsbooks is the province’s comprehensive approach to betting. The single-event betting law will cover not just sports but also eSports and daily fantasy sports. While players can only make single-event bets, they have plenty of choices on what they can bet on.

Ontario is home to some of Canada’s largest sports teams, including the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays. This means there is a strong sporting culture and we have seen in other North American markets, this leads to high levels of engagement when it comes to betting.

How affiliates leverage the Ontario opportunity:

With affiliates not needing a license for Ontario, the market potential is huge. But before you go all-in, it’s worth looking at how you can utilize maximize the potential. After all, you wouldn’t go to Downtown Toronto in winter wearing shorts — would you?

Before doing anything else, it’s crucial that you assess Ontario’s sports betting landscape and localize accordingly. Players will likely care about the local professional teams, so you should tweak your content and offerings for these and write about teams in Quebec and British Columbia.

It’s also important that you think about the type of content you want to offer. Besides news and blog posts, podcasting might work well — and so could more interactive visual stuff like videos. Get clear on this and put together a proper content marketing plan.

You also need to consider the sportsbooks and casinos that you work with. Once the regulated market goes live next year, you will need to only work with operators that are approved to target players in Ontario – here at CAP we can connect you with reputable brands and source the best deals.

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