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The Magical Binary Options Funnel: Why It Will Work For You

This article is brought to you by iOption. iOption offers one of the most extensive affiliate programs that is customizable to fit each partners needs. Before making a decision, let the affiliate managers at iOption share with you their years of knowledge from both the gaming and the investing markets. Take a few minutes to learn before making your decision, so that you can make the most profitable choices. Sign up now.

To capitalize on the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid), all that a binary option affiliate has to do is offer banners or campaigns asking, “Is Gold Going Up or Down?” Or to capitalize on current news and market flows, “Is Facebook stock going up or down?” The thing is everyone has an opinion and everyone has an answer. Without thinking they click on the up or down buttons and land in our money making machine. Ahh, the incredible “funnel.”
The “Funnel,” as we all know is the most invaluable tool Internet business has developed to capture, and convert. The funnel for iGaming is a long slow process. As potential players drop in, they get waylaid by demo accounts and it can take a long time moving from bonus offers, to actual deposit, leaving too many chances and too much time for them to fall out of the process and be lost.
Instead, the funnel for binary options is short and quickly moves the “player” from registration to bonus offers to deposit quickly, but the biggest advantage for binary affiliates is the catchall built into the funnel. As potential players fall out of the funnel, regardless at what point they are picked up and moved to a secondary funnel that moves them to a profession sales center manned by highly trained closers, who have the ability to successfully close a high percentage of these players, who would have otherwise been lost. Binary options have doubled your shot at each potential player, increasing conversion rates to numbers never seen by casino operators.
Once captured and converted, these new players are then turned over to skilled Account Managers that help them learn to make “profits” while skillfully developing relationships and building brand loyalty and increasing player values and player lifecycles.
Both these closers and account managers are fluent in the languages giving the player a comfort level and easier communication. Not only are the sites offered in a huge variety of languages, but also the support, sales and marketing. This is one of the most important factors that you need to remember and review when looking for an affiliate program.
Recent evaluations of the binary market show that there are close to 120 operators now. Proudly iOption is one of the original operators. These 120 operators have seen revenue skyrocket from nothing just a few short years ago, to over 30million per month and climbing. Binary Option has become a global term, and an acceptable trading method.
For the casino and gaming affiliate this is the perfect child, adding additional revenue streams, higher player values and higher CPA or commissions with better conversion rates. All of this is done in the same familiar way you currently conduct your business. The terminology is the same, the industries are compatible and with only a few updates or additions you can be driving your visitors through the iOption affiliate program.
Not only can you invigorate your current traffic and players, but you can also add new life to aging players and “dead” players.
The key to success in the transition or cross over to binary options is the affiliate program and the platform, that you promote. There are many factors in making this decision outside of the CPA or the commission. Conversion rates, player value and support are all important to review as they will all affect your revenue.