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Hubspot Page Grader Product Review

Getting a handle on what Google really wants and whether you’re providing it or not is question that keeps plenty of SEOs up at night. So how can anyone possibly know what Google is really looking for?

That’s where SEO tools like the Hubspot’s Page Grader come into the picture. This tool is included with a Hubspot subscription and offers SEOs a new look on how search engines see their sites.

What It Does

Page Grader breaks down your SEO efforts on a page by page basis and grades each section including:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Title tags
  • H1 and H2 tags

Besides grading these components, this website grader also offers specific advice on how each of them can be improved.

Do your keywords need to be moved to more effective positions? Does your title need to be tweaked? The Page Grader can answer these questions.

The Nitty Gritty Details

One of the more useful aspects of this tool is that allows SEOs to drill down to a very deep level on a page by page basis.

If you’re wondering how keywords like poker bonuses are doing on a particular page, you’ve got that information right at your fingertips.

Grading Links

You don’t have to be Matt Cutts or Dave Snyder to know that getting a handle on what kind of links are pointing to and from your site is incredibly important. Webmasters in the post-Penguin SEO environment should be able to make good use of Page Graders link evaluation features.

These tools paint a very clear picture of what kinds of link building your doing and how it relates to the bigger SEO picture. If you’re looking to build quality links with other reputable sites, Page Grader can be a big help.

It’s also pretty useful for identifying those low quality links you’ll want to remove right away.


Hubspot’s Page Grader is an extremely useful tool that comes from a company with a pretty good reputation. With so many hucksters peddling SEO snake oil, Page Grader is a product that worth checking out.