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Antonius Regains Lead in "durrr Challenge"

April 13, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — It's the poker match that the whole industry is watching: Patrik Antonius and Tom “durrr” Dwan battling it out at Full Tilt Poker in an epic showdown. Several months into their pot-limit Omaha match-up, which kicked off when Antonius accepted the “durrr Challenge” to play 50,000 hands with $1.5 million at stake, Antonius is winning, with a lead of about $60,000 over his opponent.      

Of course, given that the tournament is only one-fourth of the way to being finished, this is likely to change (several times!).

The popularity of this tournament can be seen as a benefit to the poker affiliate industry. Smart, industrious affiliates should have no trouble turning this new wave of excitement about online poker into increased web traffic and affiliate sign-ups.

Nicole Gordon offers a top-notch recap of the latest round of the “durrr Challenge” action over at Check it out here.