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Analyze Your Internet Gambling Competitor

March 20, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — Internet business research specialists Research and's latest survey, "Betting & Gaming Industry – Business Ratio Report", compares the financial performance of the leading players in this industry sector, offering a quick and cost-effective competitor analysis tool for senior management.
Ratios are a valuable tool for comparing the performance of companies on a like-for-like basis. Using ratios, the relative profitability, growth or debt levels, for example, of differently sized companies can be directly measured or compared with ease. The R&M study focuses on the performance of key players in the industry, having closely analyzed the sector.
The study focuses on the leading 118 companies operating in the Betting and Gaming Industry and analyzes company and industry performance over the three years up to 7th April 2008.
During this period, the average company witnessed a 17.4 percent increase in turnover, with sales rising from £243.7 million in 2005/06 to £271.9 million in the middle analysis year, before peaking at £285.9 million in 2007/08. Pre-tax profits rose from £8.1 million in 2005/06 to £9.1 million in 2007/08, an overall increase of 11.6 percent.
The authors claim that the study will enable companies in the online gambling space to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses of competitors in terms of profitability, liquidity, gearing, efficiency and employee performance, and benchmark their own business performance. It will also assist as a tool in identifying potential acquisitions using the Performance League Tables.