Amaya Gaming Swings Axe Through London Office

Amaya Gaming is pulled a page out of the modern business playbook this week when it eliminated dozens of jobs from its London office. The company says the mass layoff was merely an effort to increase efficiency, and profits, by eliminating redundancies.
Workers at Amaya Gaming’s London office got the bad news on Friday, according to a report on eGaming Review. There’s no word on exactly how many employees were impacted by the move, but eGaming Review put the number somewhere in the dozens.
Fortunately, depending on how you see the situation, not all of the effected employees were actually fired. An unknown number of them were offered positions in more cost-effective offices such as Malta.
It’s worth noting that the layoffs are not considered to be a sign of trouble at one of the world’s largest gaming operators.
A large number of the newly unemployed workers were, in fact, occupying positions that were made redundant when Amaya shut down Full Tilt Poker back in May.
Amaya Gaming has, over the past couple of years, built its brand far outside the narrow confines of online poker. These days, the company is making forays into casino gaming and sports betting.
Those moves have paid off for Amaya in the form of a 6% revenue increase over the past year.
Of course not all is rosy in Amaya’s world. Earlier this year David Baazov, the company’s CEO was indicted in a securities fraud case in Quebec. Baazov has since taken an indefinite leave of absence to work on his defense. His position is currently filled by interim CEO, Rafi Ashkenazi.