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Affiliates and World Domination: How to Expand Internationally

Affiliates: International Expansion

For many affiliates, expanding into a new market worldwide is the ultimate goal. Doing so provides access to a much larger audience of potential players, additional operator brands, and larger revenue streams.

Having said that, there are a lot of things you must consider when moving into new markets. In this article, we’ll reveal the top questions you must ask when expanding internationally.

Is the Country You Want to Expand Into Viable?

Before you expand into a market, you need to check whether the jurisdiction you want to launch into is even viable in the first place.

Each market is unique; some are better-suited if you’re looking for long-term growth whereas others might be a place that affiliates will look to scale quickly and then leave in the near future due to an upcoming change in regulation.

Affiliates should also consider the legal requirements in the country, such as obtaining a license and whether they are required to have a physical presence in the market and pay local taxes.

What’s the Regulatory Situation?

Many countries have complex regulatory situations, especially when it comes to gambling. Some are black and white while others are grey and some are unique to the specific province or state you plan to move into – Ontario in Canada has its own regulations, for example.

The other regulatory area you need to consider is licensing. In some jurisdictions, including many states across the US, you’ll need to apply for an affiliate permit before you’re allowed to begin targeting players.

You should also look at local advertising laws to ensure you stay on the right side of the authorities. Gambling advertising is being put under the microscope in jurisdictions around the world, with whistle-to-whistle bans in countries such as Spain.

Affiliates are marketers, so it is important to understand the legal landscape before entering a market.

How Will You Make Your Offerings Appeal to That Market?

Even if you’re well-established in one market, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to emulate your success in another country. Various factors will impact how well you do, including culture, customs, and preferences.

Before you expand internationally, it’s important that you know what people in the country or state you’re targeting like (and, just as importantly, what they don’t like). Consider factors such as their favourite sports teams, special holidays and so on.

Do You Need to Translate Your Content?

You might If you’ve thought about simply taking your English-language website to another country and replicating the success you have enjoyed elsewhere want to think again – this is the era of localisation, after all.

In some countries, translating your content to the local language is non-negotiable – especially if you’re thinking about moving into Asia or Latin America.

Even if you’re expanding to a country where English proficiency is high, such as one of the Scandinavian countries or India, you’ll still want to think about translating your content.

People will always have a preference to speak and read their mother tongue because it’s easier for them and shows that you are going above and beyond to deliver a superior experience.

When translating your content, you should also think about local slang; what works in the UK isn’t always going to work in the US.

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