Adelson sued for trying to squash Las Vegas news competition

Casino magnate and political meddler Sheldon Adelson has never been happy with merely enjoying his successful business on the Las Vegas Strip. While the Palazzo is a beautiful place that spews money like a fountain, Adelson’s real passion is meddling in national and international politics. To help serve that end, he owns several newspapers in the US and Israel. The flagship of his US media holdings is the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
Like most newspapers, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has a rival, the Las Vegas Sun. But thanks to a quirk in US anti-trust laws, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun share a number of business functions in what’s known as a joint operating agreement (JOI). Adelson would very much like to crush his rival and dominate the Las Vegas news scene before the 2020 US election and is doing everything he can to make sure the Las Vegas Sun isn’t around to screw up his plans.
Now the two papers are settling the matter in court. According to a recent report on, the Las Vegas Sun recently filed a lawsuit against Adelson alleging that he is illegally trying to get out of the JOI (which has been in place since 2005) in an effort to squash publications that criticize him and Trump.
The Sun’s attorney, Joseph Alioto described Adelson’s efforts to dominate the Las Vegas media saying, “This guy (Adelson) wants to be in charge of what is said in the daily newspapers during the Nevada elections in 2020. There’s no question about that. It’s going to be an election year and (Adelson) wants to show his buddy, Trump, that he’s in charge in Nevada.”