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A Quick Guide to Data Collection, Storage and Management

A Quick Guide to Data Collection, Storage and Management

As the saying goes, data is the new oil. But most affiliates have yet to maximize the potential of the data they are gathering and storing. Some are not even gathering data in the first place.

In this post, we will look at some of the ways affiliates can gather player data, how that data should be stored to ensure best practice, and how this data can be used to drive growth.

First up, let’s look at some of the ways affiliates can gather player data.

Putting Data in Your Hands:

User account – by allowing site visitors to create an account on your affiliate site, you can gather key information such as their name, age, location, and contact details.

Be mindful not to ask for too much personal information, but at the very least you will be able to collect a name and email address.

Newsletter – by sending out weekly or daily newsletters, you can build a database of players including their names and email addresses.

Certain newsletter platforms such as Aweber will also provide you with a location for the player based on their IP address.

By offering the option to sign up to different newsletters – one for sports, another for casino – you can further segment your data and player base.

Freeplay games – by integrating freeplay games into your affiliate site you can gather a great deal of data that goes beyond simply the player’s name and contact information.

This includes the teams they support and the bet types they prefer.

Data Must Be Stored Securely:

It is important that all data gathered is stored securely and in compliance with any applicable data laws in the country or state, you are based.

If you build player account functionality, you will also need to build a bespoke database to hold the information collected. Some website platforms offer this as standard, or you can use a plug-in.

Newsletter platform providers such as Aweber provide a back office where player data is stored. Some also allow you to segment this data further.

It is a similar situation with freeplay games. Most come with a comprehensive back office that allows you to easily digest and drill down into the data available.

How to Leverage the Power of Data:

Data is vital to any and all affiliates. It allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of who is landing on their site and what they are looking for when deciding where to play.

By gathering, segmenting, and analyzing data, affiliates can make decisions based on fact and not guesswork. This should then inform the content they create and the brands they work with.

It should also influence how they market to players – not only the information sent but also the channel it is sent via and at what time of the day.

For example, if you can see that a visitor plays at sportsbooks only, then send them sports betting content and newsletters but not online casino.

It all comes down to delivering a personal experience to each site visitor, and ensuring they can quickly and easily find the sports betting or iGaming brands that meet their unique needs.

And data – so long as it is properly gathered, securely held, and accurately analyzed – has the power to do this.