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9 Tips to Maximize YouTube's Marketing Potential

Are squeezing every ounce of marketing potential out of your YouTube videos? If you’re not, a recent posting on Mashable by Scott Gerber titled, 9 Tips to Maximize YouTube’s Marketing Potential could hold the keys to success.
Here’s some highlights from Gerber’s posting that are particularly relevant to casino affiliates.
(YouTube) Celebrity Endorsements
YouTube channels are packed with stars and it doesn’t take much research to unearth, and make contact, with them. Getting them to promote your sites may involve a little horse trading, but if their views are high enough, it’s worth the effort.
Link to Your Site
It sounds obvious but plenty of YouTube posters don’t provide a clear call-to-action in the form of simple links back their landing pages. Post up plenty of links and make them easy to follow from any point in the video.
Fill in the Blanks
Realize the maximum SEO potential of every video by filling in every single description you can. Google indexes YouTube all the time, so don’t leave SEO juice sitting on the table.
Be Clever
Would you watch a flat, no-frills online gambling video? Probably not, and neither will your YouTube viewers. There’s no shortage of igaming videos out there, so whatever you can do to standout makes a big difference.
Be a Storyteller
Besides being clever, your videos need a clear story arc. This can be done in standalone videos, or through a series of videos. At the end of the day, the more compelling the storyline, the more click-throughs you’ll get.
Fan Testimonials
Customer referrals are the best kind of referral and if you’ve got a few longtime readers/players, you might want to politely ask if they’d like to produce a video for you. While you shouldn’t directly tell them what to say, offer any other technical support you can.
Customer Profiles
Even hardcore gamblers like to feel a sense of community and that’s where customer profiles come into play. You don’t have to tell a player’s whole life story, but a couple minutes of them talking about their online play is exactly what other players want to see.
Create a Video Landing Page
Video landing pages allow you to harness the SEO power of YouTube to drive traffic (and SEO juice) back to your own site. Be certain that you’ve optimized these pages with a site map and you’ll get the most out of your YouTube channel and your main website.
Bleed YouTube Dry
More really is better when it comes to YouTube videos, so go all out. The more videos you’ve got out there the stickier your YouTube channel is going to be and that all adds up to more traffic on your site.
What are your tips for catching YouTube’s marketing magic in a bottle? Share them in the comments section below.