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7 Ways To Make Your Website Sticky

First of all, what does it mean that a website is sticky or not? Or to give it an even cooler sounding name, what’s a website’s level of stickiness?

Essentially, a site is sticky when its contents are so attractive and beneficial to the visitors that they can’t help but stay on the site for a while and interact with it.

In other words, sticky sites become successful, while the ones that are not sticky fail fast. And this is as true for affiliate sites as it is for any other type.

This list presents how to attract visitors to your website by making it sticky:

1. Focus On The Design

It’s funny that the most valuable thing you can do to make your site sticky doesn’t even revolve around content. Yes, design is still king here. Try some of the popular theme stores for affiliates, like: Flytonic, Casino WP Themes, or WP Gambling.

2. Make It Interactive

By interactive, we mean that your visitors can share their input on whatever you’re publishing. This is done through a significant focus on the comments form, usage of various polls, and even small social media campaigns based on re-tweets and shares.

3. Give A Reason To Stay And Re-Visit

Having one-time visitors (only) is a common problem when marketing your website. You can convince visitors to come back by offering an email newsletter, ongoing bonuses for various online gaming programs, or regularly published interviews.

4. Introduce User Accounts If It Makes Sense

It’s quite a well known fact that websites that do a good job at promoting their user accounts get significantly more visits than those that don’t. The only downside is that for an affiliate site, you will have to offer some kind of incentive to convince people to get an account in the first place.

5. Simplicity First

Sites that are sticky are usually very clear. Basically, the visitor shouldn’t get confused at any stage of navigating the site (confused visitors leave the site quickly). Here’s how to do it: focus on only one main element (like a main review, or some other element generating conversions), support it with other content and remaining elements working for your site’s stickiness (discussed here).

6. “Why Should I Stay Here?”

If you want to keep the visitor on the site, you need to address this common visitor question as quickly as possible. The best way of doing so is to solve an important problem in your visitor’s life that’s related to the topic of your site. Sorry, but finding out what you need here exactly is purely on you.

7. Use FREE A Lot

“Free” is a magic word in the English language. Whenever there’s something free, people are inclined to listen (as explained by Dan Ariely in “Predictably Irrational”). Take a look inside the tools offered by your affiliate program, there’s surely something free that you can offer to your visitors.

The only downside of this whole process is that it can’t be done instantly. But going through the list one step at a time will surely bring you towards a desired outcome.