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4 Must Do’s for the Barcelona Affiliate Conference

Any gaming affiliate serious about earning in the global market shouldn’t miss the upcoming Barcelona Affiliate Conference, scheduled for September 8th through 11th in beautiful Barcelona.

Held by the affiliate conference masterminds at iGB Affiliate, this year’s Barcelona Affiliate Conference offers up a rich variety of educational sessions and networking opportunities for gaming affiliates — who, as with all iGB events, can attend free of charge.

To help you figure out how to make the most out of your trip to Barcelona, CAP is happy to offer the four “must do’s” for affiliate marketers at this year’s BAC:

1. Must attend: “Affiliate Learning Session: How to Minimize Your Financial Exposure”. How can we as affiliates insulate ourselves from some of the industry’s recent problems? Should affiliates get a back-up operator to minimize their financial risk? And what can affiliates do if an operator misses a payment?

These are the questions on affiliates’ minds in recent months. We’ve been exploring those issues at the CAP Blog, and at the upcoming BAC, our own Brooke Cole will be on-hand to give a more in-depth analysis of these topics, plus strategies on how to expand into other markets. Saturday, September 10 at 14:00 in Room 2.

2. Must attend: “Demon SEO: How To Defend Against Black Hat Techniques”. The SEO experts behind CAP’s upcoming Demon SEO webinar, Kay Schaefer of and Dave Naylor of Bronco Ltd., will continue what’s arguably the most popular event on the iGB Affiliate conference circuit, the Demon SEO session.

These advanced SEO pros will host an in-depth discussion about the state of black hat SEO in 2011, and what affiliate and webmasters can do to avoid them. Saturday, September 10 at 11:45 in Room 1.

3. Must attend: Live Affiliate Coaching & Advice Panel. You don’t want to pass up this rare opportunity to get your affiliate website analyzed by some of the industry’s most renowned SEO pros and affiliate icons, like John Wright of, Kay Schaefer of, and others.

This panel will discuss real actionable strategies to help attendees understand website best practices and how to optimize everything from your site design to marketing and SEO techniques. Friday, September 9 at 13:30 in Room 1.

4. Must attend: “Mobile Gambling – Past, Present and Future.” This is the year that mobile gambling is finally breaking out with truly big numbers. Heralded for years as the “next big thing”, mobile gambling — and mobile affiliate marketing — has only in recent months really begin to realize its promise.

Join mobile marketing expert Aideen Shortt, editor of the intelligence report “Mobile Gaming: Strategies, Opportunities & Forecasts”, for an in-depth look at how affiliates can get the most out of mobile gambling marketing, including what products currently utilize mobile, current obstacles to overcome, and more. Saturday, September 10 at 11:05 in Room 2.

Honorable mention: Hey, if you’re traveling all the way to southern Spain for the BAC, you certainly won’t want to miss the always-memorable closing party. This year’s big shindig is scheduled for Saturday September 10th at the Vetro Club, overlooking the beautiful Barcelona skyline. Get more details on that, plus the full lineup of Barcelona Affiliate Conference sessions and events, or register here.

Are you attending?
Are you planning on traveling to Barcelona for the big conference next month? If so, let us know your plans and what sessions you’re looking forward to the most. We can also help hook you up with other webmasters, operators, or affiliates — sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re thinking!