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25 Non-Gaming Resources You Need to Read

Stepping outside of the box is a great way to of injecting some life into your web marketing and content efforts and here are some great non-gambling resources to help you do just that.

1. Buzzfeed -This hive of viral content is an excellent place to kill some time (maybe too much time) while coming up with content ideas of your own. If you’re really inspired you can even submit content and see what happens.

2. Reddit -Reddit is all things to all people…which means there’s always something interesting happening. Whether the Reddits are attempting to solve crimes or just posting selfies, it’s never boring.

3. Wired – This venerable Internet institution is a great place to check out what the Web will be doing in five years. Read between the lines and you’ll be riding the cutting edge for the foreseeable future.

4. ESPN goes a lot deeper than a quick glance at its front page would have you think. Whether you’re looking for cricket coverage or something really obscure for your sports betting sites, you will find it here.

5. Las Vegas Review Journal & Las Vegas Sun – OK, these kind of count as gambling sites, but they’re definitely worth a look. These two dailies provide in-depth coverage of the gaming industry on a daily basis.

6. -If you want to see how small blogs can break big stories, just read for a few days. This hyper-local site has its finger squarely on the pulse of everything that’s happening in Atlantic City.

7. New York Times -Newspapers may be on the ropes, but the New York Times is no ordinary newspaper. If you want to learn big-time journalism without attending a big-time journalism school, read the NYT every day.

8. Quick Sprout -What can you say about Quick Sprout and its founder Neil Patel that isn’t too over-the-top. Regular Quick Sprout reading makes you feel like anything is possible…if you’ve got the right content.

9. -Juvenille humor seems pretty sophisticated when its packaged on This online extension of the long-running magazine is another perfect spot for corralling viral content ideas.

10. SEOmoz -Whether you’re an SEO expert or newbie, (formerly SEOmoz) has some useful content for you.

11. Forbes -This financial heavyweight is the go-to source for verified industry news. If you’re not certain about the financial condition of a potential affiliate partner, read up on the on Forbes.

12. Mashable -Boasting everything from the latest tech news to celebrity gossip, worker productivity and hot Mashables stories could be easily correlated.

13. Hubspot -Hubspot hosts a massive amount of content that helps keep web marketers up to date with the latest industry trends.

14. Yahoo! Answers -Whether you’re looking for easy SEO juice or just want to learn about random facts, Yahoo! Answers is a never-ending source of great entertainment.

15. -Besides answering the question, “What would somebody do for $5?,” Fiverr is also a good place for connecting with cheap freelancers. At the same time, we’d caution you against using their cut-rate SEO services.

16. SEO Journal & Search Engine Land – The Wall Street Journal and New York Times of the search world (you can decide which one is which). These two publications are the top sources for best practice SEO techniques and search engine news.

17. Content Marketing Institute (CMI)  -Think of CMI as Quick Sprout with a less developed sense of humor. You’ll find great content about content and plenty of words to inspire your next big project.

18. Warrior Forum -Is Warrior Forum the Grand Central Station of the affiliate marketing industry? This site covers every corner of the business and always worth pursuing when you’re looking for ideas.

19. BlueCloud Solutions -When you’re ready to wade into the mobile app world, BlueCloud Solutions is the site you’ll want to start at. The site hosts regular webinars and makes app development seem very accessible.

20. Entrepreneur -Though this site can lean a little heavy toward franchising and other land-based entrepreneurial efforts, it’s still a great read for affiliates who need a little inspiration.

21. Fast Company – When you need a bit of Internet cheerleading, spend a few minutes at Fast Company. After you’ve read a few of their case studies, you may feel that Internet fever you haven’t felt since the first bubble bust back in 2001.

22. Your Local Library Website – You might be surprised at the business resources you can access through your local library website. These resources include business  and demographic that can seriously up your game.

23. Tech Crunch – Think of Tech Crunch as Wired without video game and science news. If you want the latest and greatest in web technology.

24. Wise Geek – If you were pitching a Wise Geek movie you might say, “Picture a geekier version of Yahoo! Answers.” There’s plenty of answers to frequently asked tech question here.

25. The Onion – America’s favorite satirical website is the perfect place to go when you just need a break from a world that can be too serious. As a bonus, head to Literally Unbelievable for a collection of social media noobs who just don’t get the joke.