11 Strategies That Pay Off for Mobile Marketing

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, mobile ad spending grew by more than 100 percent in 2013. This has resulted in a lot of new insights and experience under everyone’s belt. So today, we’re taking a look at some of the most effective strategies out there.

1. Cross-Channel Promotion Works

The average CTRs on email are around 4.2 percent depending on the market. But the average CTR for SMS can be as high as 19 percent. The conclusion? Promote your online offers via SMS.

2. Integrate Social Media

It is said that 81 percent of smartphone users check social media for product reviews before buying. As a marketer, it’s your job to populate this channel with your own content.

3. Timing Is Everything

A badly timed marketing message will only annoy people. Try allowing your audience to choose when they are contacted via SMS or Push notifications (like Instagram does).

4. Seasonal Promotions

Depending on the time of the year, try sending different promotions to your audience. This has been tested by Starbucks with their holiday SMS program and other similar efforts.

5. Coupons Still Work

People love coupons. If you can offer anything that actually is a real coupon (not a fake attempt), send it through SMS or Push for better reach.

6. Make Opting Out Easy

Marketers don’t usually like people opting out, but there’s no reason to make the process difficult as it can only lead to bad press and a lot of spam reports.

7. Offer a Mobile Loyalty Program

It’s reported by Visual.ly that almost all consumers (90 percent) who have joined a mobile loyalty program feel they have gained value from it.

8. Use Push Notifications

The average mobile user takes a glance at their device around 150 times a day. That’s huge. If you use well-timed Push notifications, you can get your message on that screen for at least some of those glances.

9. Use Geo-Location Services

Obviously, people carry their mobile devices around with them. So whenever you have an offer that’s location-dependent, promote it via geo-located Push notifications.

10. Tap Into Apple Passbook

Passbook is all about easy access to coupons, tickets, gift cards and so on. The service can be a great place to introduce consumers to your brand across some of the related markets.

11. Use Better Targeting For Mobile

Mobile devices are much more personal than email and can give you more demographic info. Therefore, use it for research and find the type of audience that’s most receptive to your campaigns on mobile specifically.

How many of the above ideas are you already using?