A recent gambling addiction study suggests that problem gamblers don’t necessarily need regulated options to get their fix. Regardless, Nevada still has the most gambling addicts of any US state.

The study was conducted by WalletHub, a company that bills itself as a, “financial fitness firm,” and looked at both availability of gambling (gambling friendliness) and the availability of resources to treat gambling addiction (gambling problem and treatment).

The gambling friendliness category ranked factors such as the number of available gambling terminals; the availability of illegal gambling; the state’s total gaming revenue; and a number of other similar factors.

The gambling problem and treatment category examined the number of gambling addicts; the number of gambling addiction programs; and the number of gambling arrests in each state.

It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Nevada led the pack for problem gambling. As the first US state to offer regulated gambling Nevada has been at the forefront of every aspect of US-facing gambling since the 1930′s.

Also unsurprising was Utah’s place at the very bottom of the list. Utah is one of just two states that offer no regulated gambling of any kind. Hawaii, the other US gambling holdout, ranked quite a bit higher at number 27.

While gambling addiction isn’t a popular topic in the gambling industry, it’s one that simply can’t be avoided. This is especially true in the United States where gambling is still often considered to be a moral, rather than social or economic issue.

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