“GrandPrive.com is home to the finest competitors in online entertainment, we have become the industry standard in gaming innovation and are proud to be associated with some of the planet’s most astute players,” says company spokesperson, Sonia Bradshaw.


And rightly so.


Having made more winners, more often than any other casino group, anywhere in the world, one can forgive Miss Bradshaw for having a bit of a swagger in her walk, a bit of a glint in her eye and, most importantly, solid confidence in GrandPrive.com’s FIFTH major promotion in a row – The Triple Crown Challenge.


“Unlike SUPERNOVA! and PIT BOSS, GrandPrive.com’s Triple Crown event will not feature tickets, or draws. . . this is a competition to find the best of the best, the meanest, fastest, toughest gamers of them all,” says Bradshaw. “We are thrilled to celebrate 7 years of leading the way in online gambling by offering another $70,000 in cash, bonuses and prizes – including a fabulous Grand Prize for our thoroughbred Champion.”


Registrations will not be limited and, for the first time, players will not have to register for each event separately. The focus is on racing, competing, measuring yourself against the best, rising to the top and challenging for the title of 2008 Triple Crown Champion! 


“This special player will win prestige, recognition, bragging rights AND – of course – another sensational prize from GrandPrive.com!” says Bradshaw. “Our Champion could visit The Hyatt in Lake Tahoe, or the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo for a breathtaking experience. Follow this link (http://www.grandprive.com/triplecrownchallenge/index.html) to check out the prize details.”


We’ve shortened the format of this competition, trimmed it of all excess fat, streamlined and reshaped its mechanics to allow for nothing but the best gaming conditions – for nothing but the best international players.


Download today, register and compete for $70K – It’s what gaming’s about!

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