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Tag Archives: US Regulation

Indiana Joins States Eyeballing Legal Sports Betting

Indiana is joining the growing list of US States that are considering regulated sports betting. The final decision, of course is in the hands of the US Supreme Court. ... Read more

US Senators Threaten to Revive Long Dead RAWA

Two US Senators are so worried about regulated online gambling in states like Pennsylvania that they're revisiting RAWA. This could set up a major battles between states and the federal government. ... Read more

Video Gamers Look to ESRB to Regulate Loot Boxes Like Gambling

Video games fans are calling the video game ratings board to start regulating loot boxes in a manner that's similar to regulated gambling. It's the latest example of the crumbling line between video games and gambling. ... Read more

US Lawmakers Considering Bitcoin Declaration Bill for Travelers

US lawmakers are considering a bill that would require travelers to declare their Bitcoin when entering the United States. But the bill is a long ways from becoming a law. ... Read more

Major US Sports Unions Discuss Likelihood of Legal Sports Betting

Representatives from all the big US sports unions are getting ready for the inevitable day when sports betting is legalized in the USA. The groups have been crafting plans in secrecy for quite some time. ... Read more

US Supreme Court Hands Washington Tribal Casino a Big Win

US Supreme Court settled a dispute over the location of a Washington tribal casino by refusing to hear the case at all. ... Read more

Is Sheldon Aldelson Changing His Tune on Legalized Sports Betting?

Sheldon Adleson may be softening his stance on regulated American sports betting? A recent editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggests so. ... Read more

Pennsylvania Online Gambling Could Bring in $400 Million Over Six Years

Online gambling could bring in a whopping $400 million in tax revenue over six years, according to a recent research report. Is this claim on the money or wishful thinking? ... Read more

Idaho Senate Committee Kills Anti-Indian Casino Law

Idaho lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have removed slot machines from Indian casinos in the state. The bill appeared to be an attempt to reward Idaho race track owners. ... Read more

Trump Gambling Impact Report: NJ Pleads for Mercy, Handicapper Pleads for Sports Betting

New Jersey lawmakers plead with American leader to show mercy on online gambling, while sports handicapper plans on taking his case directly to the leader. The question now is, how interested will Trump be in protecting gambling? ... Read more
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