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Ask Relevant Industry Thought Leaders for Input when Writing

If someone quotes me in an article am I likely to Tweet that? Yes. And let’s face it: people with large social profiles in relevant sectors aren’t going to be that hard to find. There are plenty of tools out there for doing this. Followerwonk will help you do this. Once you’ve written the article let’s say it’s about what poker affiliates thought about Black Friday, tell the people you’ve quoted and watch them tweet/like it as a nice ego boost. Appealing to peoples’ egos is one of the easiest ways to bait social shares.

Infographics Are DEAD

For the love of God, do not waste your time on infographics. The fact is that they are time consuming to do well and no longer cost effective. They’ve been done to death, so leave them well alone. You’d be better off doing a joke motivational picture as that will take about 5 minutes of your time and if nobody shares it, you haven’t lost much. Pictures with funny strap lines share just as well as inforgraphics so remember you don’t have to pay a fortune or be a whizz with Photoshop to share images successfully.

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