And just how big is this industry?


Christiansen Capital Advisors, a U.S.-based consulting firm, says global online gambling revenue will rise to more than $24 billion by 2010 from $15 billion this year and $3 billion in 2001. 2006,


That’s plenty go around! And there’s still a lot of growth to be had in the next 3 years,


The easiest way to enter the gambling industry is to become a casino affiliate. A casino affiliate is someone who gets paid a commission for the traffic they send to a casino. As a casino affiliate you can earn 25-60% of a player’s losses. That means, that if you send a casino say,


100 players, who deposit $100 each, (so that’s $10,000 in total)


And they all lose their $100, you get paid anywhere between $25-60% of that $10,000.


Generally the going rate is about 30%. So you would see $3000.


What’s even sweeter is that you continue to earn a percentage of those players’ losses if they continue to play at that casino in the future.


So how do you go about in becoming an affiliate?


You’re probably thinking, “I’ll need a lot of capital; I’ll need to mortgage the house, sell the furniture, and sell a kidney.” Well honestly… if you have $250, an internet connection, the tenacity to stick with it, and are open to learning and reading… well then you’re on the right road. The road might not be paved with gold just yet, but when did anything ever come easy – it takes time. And the rewards are great.

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