Fighting for rankings in the rough and tumble world of SEO is tough for any casino affiliate, but it’s even tougher for affiliates in obscure niches. Fortunately, tough does not mean impossible.

In a recent posting on titled, 5 Ways to Get SEO Traffic in a Hard Niche, content marketing guru Neil Patel shared a few techniques niche marketers can use to up their SEO game. Here are a few that are particularly relevant to casino affiliates.

Embrace the Long Tail

We all know about the value of long tail marketing, especially as it applies to search. But how exactly are you coming up with your long tail keywords?

If you’re using a keyword analyzer, like the one offered by Google, you’re not alone – and that’s a problem. Patel recommends digging deeper in that initial list of keywords and sussing out phrases that are hidden in broad daylight.

For casino affiliates, this could mean digging through baccarat keywords to find phrases like, “How Baccarat Beats House Edge.” These searches may only get 50-100 searches a month, but those folks who are searching are pretty deep in the sales funnel.

In short, the longer the tail, the better off you’ll be.

Know Your Competition

No matter how small your niche happens to be, you’ve definitely got some competition somewhere. There’s also a very good chance that your competitors are using good keywords and have established decent backlinks (and if they haven’t, all the better).

Patel suggests spending some quality time getting to know these folks by examining their backlinks. This can be done via link databases or through deep analytics. Either way, your competitors are a treasure trove of marketing data that should not be ignored.

At the end of the day, casino affiliates who are looking to serve niche markets have plenty of opportunities, they just need to work a lot harder than their competitors to exploit them.


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