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9. Fresh content releases are instrumental – nothing new to say here keep it clean, keep it quality, keep it unique!

10. Pay attention to your release schedule. Keep in mind that since Google Fresh you can rank against bigger sites (particularly in Sportsbook) by having the up to date news.

11. Image Optimisation – again something you should be already doing. You should be giving them human friendly names, URLs and using tags correctly.


12. Get Working on Social – This is probably the most important of all of the things on this check list. It’s a big factor and only getting bigger. Again I’ve spoken about this a few times before so check out my early post for advice on how to raise your social game. Google Plus – Now I’m not a huge fan of this network, but should it grow you’ll be glad you got in at the ground level before having to compete against at least 50X as many competitors for a following.

13. Make shareable content – see my Idiot’s Guide to Social Mentions post.

Bits and Pieces

I’m just going to run through these briefly, but you’ll need them.

14. HTML Sitemap

15. XML Sitemap

16. Robots.txt File (make sure it links to your sitemap).

17. Server headers need to render properly (particularly 404)

18. OGP – OGP is a method of telling facebook how you want it to share your content. For more information on OGP go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/

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