After years of hype, the 2012 London Olympics are now just weeks away. That means sports book affiliates still have plenty of time to develop top-notch Olympic betting content and promotions.

The challenge with trying to convert Olympic bettors is that there just aren’t that many of them out there. Because betting on the Games is illegal in Nevada, most American punters have no idea that Olympic wagering is even a possibility. So it’s up to the sports book affiliates to guide them through the process.

A good Olympic betting content strategy will involve creating a fair amount of evergreen content describing the various prop bets and strategies. Getting them past this hurdle is a big part of the process.

With so many different events to choose from over the 17-day games, bettors can feel a bit overwhelmed. Break down the events into simple terms and definitely emphasize those proposition bets. After all, more people are probably going to be interested in betting on which country is going to win the most medals than who is going to take the gold in handball.

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Olympic Sports Book Promotions

Intertops Affiliate – Intertop is one of the first sportsbooks to take online action and the fact that they’ve been in business so long speaks volumes. While they’ve got a great selection of professional sport wagering options, their selections go far beyond the ordinary. Intertops accepts wagers on all sorts of novelty bets including the 2012 US Presidential election. First time depositors can enjoy a 25% bonus up to $100. CAP readers can get a 40% revenue share for the first three months.

888 Affiliates – 888 Sport is one of the UK’s top sports betting sites and that makes it a great fit for the Summer Olympics. For the London Olympics they’re offering a number of attractive Olympic prop bets such as which country will win the most medals as well as individual event bets. Mobile players can get a free $5 bet and first time depositors can enjoy generous deposit bonuses. CAP readers can get an extra $500 if they bring in five approved players in their first 60 days.

Redbet – This outfit is a relative newcomer to online betting world but have gained a good reputation since opening in 2004. offers live betting for a variety of sports and a 100% first time deposit bonus. CAP readers who sign up for this program can receive a 40% revenue share for the first three months.

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