Increasing French player conversionsSince France liberalized gaming laws back in 2010, affiliates have been struggling to make inroads in the online gambling market there. Part of the problem stems from a French economy that’s been slumping, but there are also complexities in the French gaming market the make player conversions more difficult.

If you’re trying to increase French player conversions you’ll need as complete a picture of the French market, and its players as you can possibly have. One of the better sources on this subject is the French Online Gambling Market report that published by ARJEL, the French regulatory body. Here are some high points of that report that could help French facing affiliates see higher player conversions.

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The good news for affiliate looking for more French player conversions is the the French gaming market skews very young. According the ARJL report, the average French punter is right around 35 years old. But when it comes to sports betting, 69 percent of those folks placing wagers are between 18 and 35 years old. Younger players are also the most likely to be placing those bets from a mobile device.

Sports Betting

The French are avid sports bettors, but their interest in betting on French soccer pales in comparison to the desire to bet on international teams. Not surprisingly, FIFA World Cup betting brings out plenty of punters. In 2010, 56 percent of French football wagers were on World Cup games. Affiliates can expect that trend to continue ahead of the 2014 World Cup.

Sportsbook affiliates should also take note of tennis action in France. Tennis bets account for nearly a quarter of all French sports bets.

Understanding Online Sports Betting in France

Better Hosting

We’ve been saying it repeatedly, but the matter is important enough to mention it again: you need to sign up for a web host that offers servers in your target market’s geographical location. The closer that two computers are to each other the quicker they can communicate. Fast connections equal happy players.

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It’s important to remember that even though the French have been placing bets online, they’ve only been doing it legally for a couple of years. As a legal market, iGaming is still maturing and, according the ARJEL report, over the top gaming taxes aren’t helping either.

Affiliate partners need to take time to learn about their French players and give the market some time to mature. As these young bettors grow up, they’ll start playing and spending a lot more.

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