United Kingdom, July 14, 2009 – PlatinumAffiliates.com, formerly LuckyAcePartners.com, has been launched to support the upgraded offering, positioning itself in the forefront of the online gaming marketing world.  With the launch of SuproCasino.com and the upcoming launch of SilkBingo.com, the new affiliate platform is a natural transition for LuckyAcePartners.com, providing the technological and marketing base needed for this expanding offering.

Along with the launch of the new affiliate marketing brand, the PlatinumAffiliates.com platform includes an array of new features and capabilities.  Among these is a new user interface, an improved marketing tools system which incorporates a dedicated globally distributed ad server capability, and the launch of the exclusive CCT – Customized Creative Team – geared at servicing all affiliates by providing FREE outsourcing of content creation, translation, and graphical design.

In addition, each PlatinumAffiliates.com member will receive a personal 24/7 Account Manager, available via email, chat, or phone, and have access to the experience and knowledge of the Marketing Team to help launch, optimize, and maintain the campaigns.

The solid foundation and reputation built by LuckyAcePartners.com over the course of the past years serves as an excellent starting point for PlatinumAffiliates.com, while the offering continues to be expanded and enhanced as a leader in the field.

Shay Ness
+44 2088168427

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