A few UK punters with a knack for MLB betting have been cashing in some pretty massive paydays on baseball parlays.

According to a report on CalvinAyre.com, one lucky Irish player with a penchant for home teams recently brought home a whopping £64,543 ($71,513 USD) on a 15-team £50 card. The chances of a 15-team parlay coming in is nothing short of astronomical. Mathematicians put the odds of that particular event at something in the neighborhood of  32,768 to 1.

The lucky punter in question had the unusually good fortune of placing his (normally inadvisable) accumulator on a particularly historic day, Tuesday, August 11. That’s the first time every home team posted a win on the same day since 1912. (And in 1912, only 12 teams won.)

Meanwhile, over at Coral, another UK punter cashed in on an 11-team accumulator that paid out £274,000 ($303,000 USD). That’s an incredibly solid return for mere £5 investment.

Parlays, or accumulators as they’re known in Europe, are high risk/high reward wagers that require punters to pick several teams to win and cover. If one team doesn’t deliver, the whole bet is lost.

These types of bets are exceedingly difficult to win and are the kinds of wagers that sharp bettors won’t go anywhere near.

On the other side of the coin, sports betting operators absolutely love parlays, and the massive revenue they bring in on a daily basis. After all, simply picking one or two winners each day is difficult enough on its own, let alone picking 15 or more.

It all goes to prove the old saying that even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.


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