Shel is not a fan of igaming.

Did you know that Shel Adelson doesn’t much care for online gambling? Did you know that Paypal isn’t wild about it either? These facts are confirmed in the top gambling quotes from November, 2013.

My moral standard compels me to speak out on this issue because I am the largest company by far in the industry and I am willing to speak out.  I don’t see any compelling reason for the government to allow people to gamble on the Internet and nobody has ever explained except for the two companies whose special interest is going to be served if there is gaming on the Internet, Caesars and MGM. – Shel Adelson explaining why online gambling should be illegal. (He did not offer an explanation as to why people should be allowed to gamble at land-based casinos.)

I’m liking this customer service – New Jersey online gambler, MJDookway describing his experience with Ultimate Gaming during the state’s igaming soft launch.

So what are we doing here? – Alleged Philly mobster, George Borgesi, asking why he’s facing gambling charges for placing video casino games in bars when the state is getting ready to legalize them. (He makes one good point, while missing the bigger picture entirely.)

Launching our new app is a huge step forward for us as we connect with a rapidly expanding, increasingly global, mobile audience. – PlayStudios President and CEO on the launch of the new MyVegas mobile app.

The Commission on Gaming staff is aware of concerns raised that a small group of poker players may be using unfair practices, including collusion, at poker tournaments in certain casinos in Deadwood. – South Dakota Gaming Commissioner Executive Secretary, Larry Eliason responding to cheating allegations at Deadwood poker tables.

PayPal does not allow the use of its service for online wagering in the America according to our acceptable use policy.Paypal spokesman, Jeff Rutledge on why New Jersey gamblers won’t be able to use Paypal for legal online wagering.

As a union we then discussed whether gambling for any PFA employee should be totally off-limits. That is something that we are going to introduce to safeguard the integrity of the union. – Former Professional Footballer’s Association chief, Clarke Carlisle explaining the union’s strict new anti-gambling policy for employees.

It’s time to repay the generosity of the Filipino people by giving as much back to the country that has given us so describing why the gambling industry should be contributing to typhoon relief in the Philippines.

We’re extremely excited about the new opportunities opening up in the US market for gambling merchants and consumers. Skrill’s global reach aligned with local expertise makes us the perfect partner to work with businesses in this market. - Skrill CEO Neil Steinhardt reacting to new that Skrill will be the only e-wallet operating in the New Jersey market. (Paypal and other wallets simply aren’t interested in participating in this market segment at all.)

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