Some websites attract traffic just on the basis of their catchy and interesting visual elements. JavaScript offers all kinds of fun and engaging apps and graphics that can help to retain current readers and interest new ones. What kind of animation you use depends on your own personal style and preferences.


Image Shuffle

Using JavaScript to display shuffling images is much better than the traditional thumbnail view. Shuffling images adds an interesting dynamic to the entire layout of a site and helps to increase a site’s visual appeal.


Special Navigation

An easy to use navigation list can make or break a site. These lists can include drop downs, which contain categories used for browsing the content of your site. Installing JavaScript navigation lists is simple and takes only minutes.


Colorful Scroll Bars

Making changes by color is one of the most common JavaScript codes. On most sites the scroll bar is usually grey, but this can be changed to whatever color you want. Colorful scroll bars add a certain visual touch that makes any site more attractive.



Adding a site to a bookmark list is nothing new, but by integrating a JavaScript bookmark, it will help your users remember your page without doing much search the next time they want to visit your site. This is great for user retention.


Music Players

By using JavaScript coding, you can create a music player and integrate it into your site so that your users who like to listen to music while browsing, can. In addition, media players add a more interactive feel to your site. Just be sure you have different styles of music on hand to satisfy everyone.


Google Analytics is the best source for keeping track of your visitors, but every time you want to view the stats for your site, you have to log into your account. To make this easier, you can install a JavaScript counter on your site. A counter will do exactly that: count and display the number of site visitors. Counters are also useful for A/B split testing.

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