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One of my favourite things to look at with Jackpotjoy’s campaign is the way in which they have handled their brand protection using SEO. By creating several microsites, they have managed to dominate the SERPs for their brand, essentially meaning they can tell the world whatever they want and stop affiliates from taking a cut on their brand traffic. Added to this there is the fact that they are doing incredibly well from an SEO prospective anyway.

Looking at Jackpot Joy’s offsite strategy you can clearly see that they have been very aggressive with link building and clearly have had some issues from this receiving a penalty in March. Regardless of this, JackpotJoy is still running one of the most effective SEO campaigns in the sector at the moment. Looking back at a competitive landscape analysis I ran at the end of last year for a client, Jackpot Joy clearly had a ratio of Money term based links that was far too high to look natural.

Where JackpotJoy’s campaign really shines though is through their brand protection, they’ve flooded the SERPs for their brand with microsites which they own, this is a smart tactic on their part to stop affiliates from ranking for their brand. If you check the UK SERPs, only two non Jackpot Joy owned sites/profiles appear in the SERPs.

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