Hollywood, CA (November 04, 2008) — HollywoodAffiliates.com (http://www.hollywoodaffiliates.com) proudly released their upgraded Affiliate Programme which includes an abundance of impressive new features. Working alongside brand associates, HollywoodPoker.com and CLUBHollywood.com, HollywoodAffiliates presents its partners the potential of optimizing and maximizing their profits through Revenue Share, Hybrid Programmes and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) models.


These new features promise partners bigger and better payouts, starting with new tiers that allow for higher commissions and the opportunity for Affiliates to maximise their earnings via HollywoodPoker (http://www.hollywoodpoker.com). New affiliates will also be provided with attractive introductory Revenue Share and CPA plans that ensure great returns for advertisement of recently added HollywoodAffiliates associate casino brand, CLUBHollywood (http://www.clubhollywood.com). 


The company has also revealed a unique Hybrid Programme that combines for Affiliates the immediate monetization of a CPA commission plan along with the enjoyment of continuous shared revenue on the lifetime value of their players. HollywoodAffiliates has furthermore included additional CPA levels to incentivize Affiliates at all levels, offering them unparalleled benefits and outstanding returns upon acquisition.

In line with the upgrade, HollywoodAffiliates has incorporated a New Marketing Interface, providing partners increased accessibility to promotional materials, which translates into better conversion rates. On top of this, additional marketing material and collateral have been made available in a host of local languages, including content for: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Netherlands and Finnish markets.

Last but not least, the company has also introduced a New Automated Payment System that features multiple payment options, providing partners with more flexibility in managing their accounts. In the pipeline for HollywoodAffiliates are plans to include more payment options to the system as well as incorporating fully localised tools and communication, ensuring partners are well equipped to cater to their international markets.

For more on the developments at HollywoodAffiliates, please contact manager@hollywoodaffiliates.com.

About HollywoodAffiliates
HollywoodAffiliates.com (http://www.hollywoodaffiliates.com) develops and manages the relationships between thousands of affiliate partners and associated brands, HollywoodPoker.com — the leader in Celebrity Poker — and CLUBHollywood.com Premium Casino. HollywoodAffiliates' mission is to champion mutually profitable partnerships and maximize Affiliate commissions by providing Affiliates with cutting edge and reliable Affiliate Tracking & Reporting System along with a dedicated and responsive Affiliate Management Team.

HollywoodAffiliates is constantly broadening its scope in the global market as associated brands, CLUBHollywood Casino and HollywoodPoker, increase in worldwide renown. HollywoodAffiliates internationally competitive programme is perpetually focused on adding exciting new localised marketing solutions and supporting its Affiliate partners to the highest possible standard.


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