If you want to hold on to your good position on Google, one of the key criteria is to constantly upload regular, high-quality content onto your site.  Your own updated content on your site, made up of relevant key words and links towards your main (Index) page. is the foundation of good referencing of your home page on Google, and therefore of your whole website.

The importance of content.  Even if it isn't possible to show a ratio of regularly updated sites and their progress on Google compared to sites that aren’t regularly updated, it is still a proven fact that these sites are scanned more often by Google and so get a better chance of improving their position.

Adding new content alone is not enough, you have to optimize this content. Adding content or simple phrases devoid of logic or key words will not allow you to increase the referencing of your site. Content has to be full of key words, updated to have a relationship with the most researched events of the month according to search engines, but also long enough to be relevant and interesting to read.

Don't underestimate the power of blogs and forums that allow you to post updated content. It is a good thing to have your Home page (Index) regularly updated, but do not forget the power of blogs and forums, they allow you to get feedback and votes from members and visitors, which in turn increases your page views and increases traffic towards your site.  Getting more quality traffic to your site gets your site more credibility.

Tip: In your content use the key words for which your site has a good position on Google. This will boost your ongoing PPC campaigns.

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Article written by Ami Dicarlo, English market Account Manager at ACF-Webmaster, England. You can contact her at: ami@acf-marketing.com.

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