Genting Highlands is one of Malaysia's biggest resorts.

Genting Affiliates is dropping its US based affiliates, becoming the second company in just a month to leave American partners in the dust. The company behind gaming brands; including Genting Casino, Genting Poker, Circus Casino, and Circus Poker made the announcement in an e-mail sent to partners earlier this week.

Unlike Expekt, the other high profile company dropping US partners, Genting officials have said that they will, in fact, honor their lifetime revenue agreements to their former partners. This stands in stark contrast to the actions of Expekt, which seems to have shuttered its affiliate program earlier in the month by keeping players but dumping partners (note: this has yet to be confirmed or denied by Expekt).

Though company officials weren’t specific about why they’re shutting down, a Genting representative posting on the CAP Forum to assure affiliates that payments would continue.  “We will be leaving all US affiliate accounts open and payments on players sent already will continue as long as those players continue to play in our casinos. Be assured that all commissions will continue on your existing player base, lifetime rev share still means lifetime rev share,” GentingAL posted yesterday.

How to Deal with Closed Affiliate Programs

Why Shut Down US Partners?

Genting, it should be noted, is no fly-by-night operation. They’re the force behind some of Asia’s biggest land-based casinos including Resorts World Malaysia. Some forum posters speculated that the company is dropping affiliate partners in countries where it has land-based operations.

The company did recently buy up $500 million worth of property in Miami in the hopes of one day building a huge casino complex there. But despite their purchase, casino gambling is not yet legal in the state of Florida.

An alternate theory is that the company is simply tightening its belt in light of diminished revenues at many of its worldwide properties. Last summer, the company reported big revenue drops at its Singapore and UK based operations.


Genting should be commended for its handling of this situation. Too often we see affiliate programs take a very cavalier attitude towards their partners and their commitments to lifetime revenues. It’s hardly a perfect situation for affiliates who have sent players to Genting, but it’s about as good as they could hope for. 

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