The poker world was sent into a frenzy last Friday when Wendeen Eolis reported on behalf of Poker Player Newspaper that an “impeccable resource” of hers confirmed the negotiations between the US Department of Justice and PokerStars with respect to a buyout of Full Tilt Poker have reached completion.

Eolis generated excitement on poker discussion boards around the web when she reported, “Without giving away the identity of a consistently impeccable resource, it is now safe to say announcements for public dissemination are in the works. At this point I am ready to go out on a limb; [Full Tilt Poker] customers will see their monies well in time for Christmas shopping.”

While the report has many of Full Tilt’s customers with a combined $390 million stuck on the site feeling optimistic, others have encouraged temperance until official word is released from PokerStars.

This is not the first time the poker community has gotten its hopes up regarding a sale of Full Tilt Poker. In November, it appeared imminent that Full Tilt Poker would be sold to Groupe Bernard Tapie. Players considered their funds all but repaid at that time. even posted a list of 100 things to do with your Full Tilt money. That deal would later fall through when GBT was unable to commit to repaying all players in a timely enough manner to suffice the DOJ.
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After a weekend of excitement and anticipation, the poker world on Monday morning continues to await any form of official word to corroborate Eolis’ proclamations. Eolis herself took to the power of Internet publishing today to follow-up to the onslaught of feedback her brief Friday pronouncement induced.

Said Eolis in her statement today, “The purpose of the three point bulletin was to provide my readers with concrete news of significant interest to the worldwide poker community at the earliest possible time.”

She continued, “Based on the facts as presented to me Friday morning, I was convinced the day had arrived when one could reliably assert that Full Tilt Poker players would regain control of their player balances at the site, in a finite time frame.”

The most convincing evidence supplied by Eolis today that there is weight to the Full Tilt rumor is corroborating information from other poker journalists. Jennifer Newell, a freelance writer, and Chris Costigan, publisher of Gambling911, each supplied an independent confirmation of the substance of Eolis’ story.

Whether the long saga of Full Tilt is finally complete or not remains to be seen. For the present time, it’s just more hopeful rumors.

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