January 25, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com, the world’s longest-running resource for the online casino and internet poker affiliate marketing industry, has introduced a new affiliate-driven certification program designed to let its community of almost 10,000 members have more input and control over CAP’s roster of affiliate program partners. The site has also unveiled an affiliate complaint system which will allow affiliates to resolve problems with gambling affiliate programs via a private, arbitration-type mechanism with the help of CAP administration.

“Our team has spent the past 12 months understanding what is truly lacking in our industry for affiliates and we’ve created this Community Certification and Complaint System as a way to solve a conundrum that has existed for years,” stated Warren Jolly, CEO of Casino Affiliate Programs. “Affiliates can now directly give recognition to the legitimate programs in our industry, as well as speak directly and privately to programs through a 3rd party resolution process to resolve any problems.”

The first such affiliate-driven process in the affiliate marketing industry, CAP’s Community Certification is a system in which affiliates vote their approval or disapproval of CAP Listed Programs (online gambling affiliate programs that are listed on the CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com website).

Certification is awarded to those programs that receive a minimum of an 80 percent approval rating as a result of this voting; the programs that accomplish this will be rewarded with an exclusive, distinct seal to display on their websites, and they will also be highlighted separately on the CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com website. Those programs that fail to reach this level of approval will be allowed to resubmit for certification at a later date.

To be considered for Community Certification, affiliate programs must have been established for a minimum of six months, and must have a dedicated affiliate manager that works with the CAP community. If these criteria are met, and the company requests certification, the program is then submitted to the community for voting.

Voting for each program will span an entire month, with each new month seeing new programs being put forth for voting. In an effort to give each program’s voting process due consideration, only a handful of programs will be allowed to submit themselves for Community Certification each month.

The Community Certification process works in conjunction with CAP’s new affiliate program Complaint System, with the goal of arriving at resolutions to potential conflicts that are appropriate for both parties. The Complaint System is initiated when an affiliate logs a complaint against a CAP Listed Program, and involves a direct and private communication between the affiliate and the program’s affiliate manager that can at any point be elevated to include a CAP administrator, should the affiliate choose to do so. In the near future, affiliates will be able to revoke certification on any certified program themselves, should the program exercise any unethical or predatory behavior.

For more details on CAP Community Certification, please visit http://www.casinoaffiliateprograms.com/bb/39359-introducing-the-first-affiliate-driven-program-certification-process.html.

For details on CAP’s Affiliate Complaint System, please visit http://www.casinoaffiliateprograms.com/bb/39378-affiliate-program-complaint-system.html.

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